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If you're a band director looking for that perfect tuba for your beginning student or a seasoned pro looking for the perfect tuba for quintet and studio work, then this is the tuba for you. The TU220 model 3/4 BBb tuba was originally designed in Europe for the professional tuba player looking for a smaller stature tuba to play in a pit orchestra for ballets and operas. Although it's classified as a 3/4 BBb tuba, don't let the size fool you as it puts out a huge sound, thanks to a large-throated bell. Along with a big sound, the tuba is also very responsive and has great pitch. There are no funky notes on this horn so in the hands of either a first-year student or a seasoned pro, there won't be a need for alternate fingerings. The bore is .787. This allows for ease-of-response in the more delicate passages or a monster sound when called for. 

Recommended use for quintet, solos, chamber music, pit orchestras and studio recording. We also highly recommend this for middle and high school programs where sharing tubas for all grades is needed when the budget doesn't allow for a variety of tuba sizes. 

  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Type: BBb
  • Size: 3/4
  • Valves:  rotary
  • Bell: 15.6"
  • Bore: .787"
  • Height: 32.5"
  • Slides: Nickel outer 
  • Trim: Nickel
  • Thumb ring: Adjustable 
  • Weight: 18 lbs 
Price: $1895.00

To place an order with us feel free to call us anytime to set up a purchase or answer any questions you may have as we only take orders over the phone. 

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