Christopher Lair

Tom or Jody McGrady


Micro Travel Tuba in F

~Currently unavailable~

Travel Tuba in Lacquer                                  $1295.00
Travel Tuba in Silver                                      $1395.00
Travel Tuba in Frosted silver with Gold Trim    $1495.00

Optional Eb slide please add $75.00
Horn is only 21" long with an 8.5" bell.

This horn is addicting to play and should be part of every tuba players list of horns to own. Valves are smooth and fast, sound is surprisingly good and the intonation is great for both the F or Eb Side. The horn seems to have a fair amount of back pressure but nothing that can't be blown through. The case the horn comes in is about one of the nicest hard cases I have ever seen, all tuba hard cases should be made like this. For a small, tiny horn, the notes seem to have very wide slots making it very easy to play in tune, no alternate fingerings needed.

Although there may never be a situation where you would play this horn on a professional gig, there are some very practical uses for them. First off, using this horn as a workout tool during your regular practice will, if nothing else, make your regular tuba playing stronger. It’s kind of like working out the same muscle groups in the gym using different exercises and attacking the same muscle group from different angles. Next is you can play it anytime day or night and with a mute, no one will be disturbed. As the name of the horn goes, you can travel with it anywhere and leave the big boys behind. Lastly, adding this to a recital will only add another element to the overall program giving the audience something to be amazed at. I am sure with time there will be many more uses found for this model horn as it is just fund to play.

Here are a few quick videos I put together with only about a hour of time spent on the horn. With more time-spent learning the horn and its tendencies, I can see huge potential in it as it can become very addicting to play.

Bydlo; as played by someone with no time to practice SO DON'T LAUGH.

Petruschka: yup, i do have a rhythm problem

Overature to The Corsair: this one hurt me a little

Hungarian March: glad I only had to play this once, fist take was good enough.

Bolero: Added this because I like the tune