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MACK Bass Trumpet

Bass Trumpet in Bb in Silver only for $595.00

This is a Bass Trumpet pitched in Bb that plays one octave below the regular trumpet, think of this as a piston trombone. This is a must have for all euphonium and trombone players as it does take a small shank trombone or euphonium mouthpiece. The intonation is great and the sound is somewhere between a trumpet and trombone. Bring this to your next jazz band rehearsal, recital, or have it ready for some Wagner when the orchestra needs a bass trumpet to fill a part.

Here is a video demonstration of the Bass Trumpet. Keep in mind that I am a tuba player so in the hands of a pro this could sound much better.

  • Stainless Steel Valves
  • Mouthpipe: Yellow Brass Standard Construction
  • Bore.459" (11.66mm)
  • Bell 6.10" (155mm) Diameter
  • Bb Key
  • 12C Mouthpiece
  • Wood Hard Case
  • Superb intonation
  • First picture is the bass trumpet with a standard sized Bb Trumpet to give a good size comparison.


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