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MACK F Tuba with Gold Brass Bell

MACK-540GB F tuba with gold brass bell regular price $3495.00, on sale now at $2995.00 plus shipping.

The TU540GB f tuba based on one of the most popular selling design ever made. Compare with the B&S PT15.

Horn features great sound and most importantly great pitch. Although options for this tuba are silver or regular brass, we have taken this tuba to a new higher level by offering it with a gold brass bell. By changing the bell from yellow brass to gold brass this model takes on a new dimension of warmth in its sound while keeping the response of a yellow brass instrument.

 Here is a demo video of the F tuba in action.

You can hear it being used in the Philadelphia Brass, as well as many fellow college teachers and professionals across the country. 

Why spend 10k on a brand name F when you can buy this and sound like your praying a 10k f tuba. 

Pictured is the TU540GB F tuba with a B&S 6v on the left and a B&S 5v on the right.

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