Christopher Lair

Tom or Jody McGrady


MACK-TU600L 4/4 F Tuba

TU600L                                                                    $1795.00

Yes this is true, a new F tuba for only $1795.00

This is a full size 4/4 6 valve F tuba modeled very closely to the Firebird. The low register is incredibly open and in my opinion it has the best low register of any rotary f tuba on the market. The only f tuba with a better low CC is the Yamaha piston, all other brands need to look at this design because it is here to stay. The sound is big on this horn, has a great upper register and you will not be disappointed for $1795.00.

Intonation: The horn will take a little work but with the right effort, dividends will be realized. The F at the top of the staff rides high, so I found that it is best-played 2&3. Below the staff, the Eb and D are a little low but using the 6th valve locks it right in. Since the low register has wide slots you can easily lip those two notes up.

In the demo video, I am not pulling any slides. I am using the alternate fingering for the above mentioned F, Eb and D.


Bell size is 15” and has a bore of .750. 

Here is a video demo so you can get an idea of the sound.


In Lacquer MACK-TU600L $1795.00

In Silver MACK-TU600S      $2095.00