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MACK-TU355L ¾ BBb Tuba $1895.00

Price: $1895.00 in lacquer 

This is a great 3/4 student model 4 valve BBb tuba.  Excellent intonation and easy blowing for anyone on any level. This is a great horn for the middle school and HS level player or the professional musician looking for something a little smaller. The horn has nickel inner and outer tuning slides. The bell and body is based off of the very popular Yamaha 103 model but has been improved with the addition of a 4th valve. The tuba also features a reversed valve section similar to the Alex 173 CC model allowing for easy access to all tuning slides. The TU355 has a fully removable valve section and leadpipe that allows for easy access for maintenance. This is a must have for any middle school program or for the pro looking for a smaller tuba for small ensemble's or quintet work. 

  • Bell 14.43 inches
  • Bore .670
  • Case and mouthpiece included 

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Tom or Jody
804-926-7707 or  804-926-7226


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