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Christopher Lair, DM

MACK-TPT600L Piccolo

Price: $485.00 in Lacquer

       $574.00 in Silver

The Mack Brass TPT600 Piccolo Trumpet is an excellent value, priced considerably lower than other professional-level piccolo trumpets. This instrument is built to last for many years, and is backed by our two-year warranty. We have a 7-day trial period, and stock every part in case of repairs. 


  • Key: Bb
  • Valves: Monel piston
  • Water key
  • Case and mouthpiece included
  • Finish: Lacquer or Silver-plated

Here is a sound bite of the Abblasen Trumpet Fanfare. This demonstration was performed by Brian Strawley, associate principal with the Richmond Symphony

*To place an order with us or to make inquiries, feel free to call any time. Please note that we only take orders over the phone. 

Tom or Jody McGrady
804-926-7707 or  804-926-7226

Christopher Lair

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