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Kalem Graham said:   May 12, 2015 12:58 pm PST
I purchased the Bass Trombone in the fall of 2013 and it has been an amazing horn. I purchased it for ensemble when I was in graduate school and now I am college professor at Langston University and it still serves me well. Great quality and fantastic customer service.

Roger Wren said:   May 11, 2015 12:16 pm PST
I purchased a MACK EU1150 Euphonium for my son for Christmas. I am not a musician but I have to say I've been very impressed. We've also shown it around a bit to our local "experts" and they've been impressed as well. He's really enjoyed the instrument and I have to say Tom is second to none in terms of customer service and support. We told him after the euphonium we'd definitely buy from him again...well we did a month or so ago. We bought the TB831L Bass Trombone. My son is thrilled with it and again my hats off to Tom and the best service around. Everything was well packaged and the case(s) and instruments have exceeded our expectations. We're looking to buy again in the near future...probably a trumpet...Thanks!!!

Greg McClure said:   April 27, 2015 11:37 am PST
After a 30 year break in playing(life happens),I purchased a lacquer 410 CC tuba from Tom about one year ago. Tom was very helpful in my selection of that model since I had played a Miraphone 185 CC 30 years ago in college. I have been playing in an excellent community band for a year in addition to some quintet and other ensemble work. The instrument has exceeded my expectations. The finish is beautiful. Intonation has been fantastic. It blends very well with all of the groups I'm playing with. It seems to be equal of my old Miraphone. After experimenting with multiple mouthpieces, I've settled on a Monette Prana 7, great projection and smoothness. Thank you Tom for selling such a high quality instrument at a great price.

Paul de Silva said:   April 12, 2015 10:44 am PST
Part Three: So; I took my bass to trombone choir and had a professional bass player try the horn. He loved it! "Free blowing, suprisingly good slide, triggers are impressive, really nice bass trombone sound." Then I asked him to play a 4th partial Bb into a tuner with all the slides all the way in. It was about 20 cents flat... I shared this information with Tom. Now he understood what I was talking about! Of course, he offered to let me return this one, but it is such a nice horn and I really want to keep it. After some friendly brainstorming, Tom agreed to order some tuning slides about a half inch shorter and send me one. Tom's a great guy and Part Four will follow (when I recieve the new tuning slide".

Paul de Silva said:   April 2, 2015 8:25 pm PST
Part Two: The best advice Tom gave me was to check with my bass trombone pals. Sure enough, I wasn't putting enough air into the horn, nor was I using enough upper lip to bring the horn to pitch. They also showed me how to adjust the Gb trigger to fit my hand. I'm still looking for the right mouthpiece because the Schilke 60 is too much for me and the mpc that came with the horn doesn't produce a big enough sound for orchestral work. Then again, it's probably me not implementing the appropriate technique yet. It's a good horn at a reasonable price and I'm going to enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks Tom!!!

Paul de Silva said:   March 31, 2015 9:56 am PST
Part One: I received a beautiful bass trombone last Wednesday. The slide exceeded expectations and the case was very well designed and of a fine quality. Unfortunately, the Gb trigger was unplayable, simply because it was too long. I called Tom, who had me send him a picture (of me holding the horn) after which he offered to send me a trigger adjusted to fit my hand. I truly appreciate Tom's sincerity and willingness to help. The next day, I discovered that horn plays flat. With a Shilke 60 mouthpiece, and as much breath support as I could muster, I could not bring the "tuning note Bb" up to pitch, even with the tuning slides all the way in. On the mouthpiece that came with the horn, with a tremendous amount of breath support, I could just barely bring the horn to pitch. With a Schilke 51 tenor mouthpiece, the Bb came easily on pitch, but only with the tuning slide all the way in. Again, I called Tom and he graciously offered to send me a new horn and a return label. Tom is great to work with and I am very optimistic, at this time, that Part Two will be a report of my highest recommendation.

Robert "Bob" Pentland said:   March 31, 2015 5:52 am PST
My euphonium arrived this morning. Needless to say, i couldn't wait to open the carton and put some air though the horn. What I noticed first was the case which at first appeared to be a gig bag. In reality it is a very nice, protective case. The packaging was excellent and the case provided excellent for shipment protection. When I examined and played the instrument, I was very pleased with both the intonation and the resonant sound. I purchased the Mack as a second euph for my winter home. My primary instrument is a Hirsbrunner, a very fine, high-end euphonium. For the record, this Mack euphonium compares very favorably and could easily fill my need for a primary horn if the need arose. It is hard to believe that one can purchase such a good instrument at such a reasonable price. The Mack turned out to be a fine, well made instrument which far outclasses the majority of what one sees advertised from Asia. Don't waste your money elsewhere, buy the Mack. I did and am happy I did. Thank you, Tom!!!

Matthew Dowling said:   March 30, 2015 12:42 pm PST
It is has been my happy experience to have purchased the Mack Brass 4/4 BBb tuba (MACK-TU210L). This is a great horn for an unbeatable price. I am a former professional player in the USMC Drum and Bugle Corps who has moved on to other things vocationally but wanted a horn to play recreationally. Look nowhere else - a quality 4/4 horn that meets all my needs. I play in the a local community band and the nice, round, dark sound of this horn is just what I need. Dealing with Tom was a pleasure, too. His own experience as a professional tuba player was a great help as I was choosing this horn. Highly recommended. You won't find a better horn for the price out there.

Ace said:   March 26, 2015 7:17 pm PST
I got my new 600L French horn two days ago, and can't seem to put it down. This double horn was only $698 and plays better than some of the very high priced horns I've owned in the past. Intonation is good. Build quality is quite good, similar to the quality of the 410 tubas. Very heavy horn because of materials used. Uniform tone color throughout the range. Solid low range. Valves, slides all work smoothly and easily. Thanks, Tom. Buying from your company is a real pleasure. -Ace

Edy Negru said:   March 25, 2015 12:41 pm PST
Hi, Been playing a brass instrument for the last 3 decades. On our past tour last summer I was asked to fill in for a tuba player. I've heard about Mack Brass but didn't think much of it until I needed to purchase an instrument. In 2013 I bought the 210L and last summer purchased the 200. Both are GREAT instruments. Every tuba player I meet I tell them to play with my instrument. They all love. Sound is fantastic. The 210 is a bit harder to play, but has this beautiful sound, very full and rich. Great for orchestral style pieces. When I bought my 2nd tuba I figured to I would give the 200 a shot. This is my favorite just because of style of music I play. The 200 is perfect for german style marches/polka. Unbelievably easy to play. Very smooth sound. Unlike the 210 the 200 is bit less full but easier to play these upbeat military march style pieces. Recently just purchased a euphonium. Also a great instrument. Nice sound and overall a great instrument

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