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Demo Video's

Demo Video's
Shindler's List Theme, Violin Solo played on the MACK TU410 CC

New F tuba demo video

The New Amazing Wisemann-DTU C900 5/4 5 piston CC
This is the Snedecor number 18 low Etude

Snedecor Low Etude number 13 on the Wisemann-DTU C900 5/4 5 piston CC

Please visit my Youtube channel for viewing excerpts, legato studies and some solos that I have posted. As time goes on I will be posting more.

Demo Video for the MACK-210L

Trumpet Model 410s Pro
Arutunian Trumpet Concerto played by Brian Strawley Assistant principal trumpet with the Richmond Symphony

Piccolo Trumpet
Abblasen Trumpet Fanfare demonstrated by Brian Strawley associate principal with the Richmond Symphony

Bass Trumpet
Keep in mind that I am a tuba player so in the hands of a pro this could sound much better.

Travel Tuba in "F"
Overature to The Corsair
Hungarian March
Bolero: Added this because I like the tune

MACK-TU410 JinBao 5v 186CC clone
Shindler's List Theme, Violin Solo on Tuba
Phil Snedecor Low Etude XVIII
Ricercar No. 7, Domenico Gabrielli:
Prokofiev 5
Bordogni #10
Ride of the Valkyries with a short warm-up ... 139dSZU-fE
Opening to Die Meistersinger
Fountains of Rome ... re=related

MACK-TU200 JinBao BBb Tuba
The Ride
Prokofiev with a little warm-up prior to the excerpt showing the low register.
MACK-TU520 JinBao 3/4 BBb Tuba
Intro to Carnival of Venice
Virginia All-District audition piece 2011-2012

MACK-TU600 JinBao F tuba
Telemann Sonata for Flute

Maurice Ravel's Bolero, Trombone solo played on the F tuba

Symphony Fantastique Tuba excerpt Played on the F tuba

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