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Wisemann -DTU-C900 5/4 CC Tuba

Wisemann DTU 900 5/4 CC

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Wisemann DTU 900 5/4 CC

Lacquer, MACK-TU900L           $5995.00

Silver, MACK-TU900S               $6395.00

Finish: silver or Lacquer
Valves: 4 pistons,1 rotary
Slides: Nickelsilver inner and outer tubes

Bell: Yellow brass
Bell size: 480mm (18.90")
Bore: 19-20-21mm (7.48"-8.26")
Case: Foam Fitted case
Mouthpiece: Included

Demo Videos of this amazing horn in action:
Snedecor Etude # 13

Snedecor Etude # 18

Please read my personal evaluation and comparison at the bottom of this page.

My Personal Evaluation of this horn:

My first experience with it was back to back with a real PT6 and the major difference that struck me was the sound. The sound was warmer with more core and not as bright as the PT6P. Second thing was how consistent the horn was from top to bottom. There was no shift or adjustments needed to make the sound even, it was just there. This is a great model that could compete with anything on the market today in the 5/4 class and in the right hands, I predict that this will be the first horn made in China that will win a major audition in the US.

The horn is plug and play with very little tuning slide pull. The
only notes I have to pull are for the top of the staff f, which can be about 5-10 cents high, other than that I leave the first valve slide out about an inch and even in this position the first valve D is spot on as well as any 12 combinations. The open harmonics are
great, no alternate fingering needed. When talking about the false tones, the only note a little out is the open Bb at the top of the staff that seems to be a little flat, again this is an open false tone, the actual 1st valve fingering is spot on. I mention this only because I use this
note within my flexibility exercises.
Low register tuning is another spot on feature very open and smooth.

The horn plays very even from top to bottom and the most notable thing here is that the low register is something that next
to the Thore, there is no comparison with other horns in this Class. It plays with like an Alex and a very good German sound but just a bit bigger.

Compared to the Thore,
They both have the strong points and my comparison with the
owners Thore was a good one as he has the best Thore I have played so far. He could not believe how good the horn was. The only thing I thought the Thore was stronger on was the Low G, but anyone who has played a Thore knows that nothing else compares. The PT6 clone has a very open an even low register. One thing I can point out is that there is no change in resistance from the mid to low register, here is where the horn is amazingly consistent.

Since these are made by Wisemann there is very limited
production on this model. I can tell you that as far as craftsmanship, they do go the extra mile and this would compare with any other model costing 12-14k or more made anywhere in the world.

In speaking to others
that own a PT6 the complaint they have is the length of the
pull on the 1st and 4th valve inner tuning slides, on the Clone it is no different. This is something I asked the manufacturer to change and the first batch with the longer 1st and 4th valve slide is just another plus.


Satisfaction Guarantee: If after the 7-day trial period you do not love this horn, I will refund your money 100% plus, I will refund all your shipping costs. Until now, there are no companies I know of that offer to refund your shipping, especially in both directions. If you purchased an instrument somewhere and did not like it, you would be out your shipping which could run into several hundred dollars, not to mention, some companies charge a restocking fee of up to 20%. Not here, if you purchase this horn from MACK Brass and do not like the instrument, you will not be out a dime as I don’t charge ridiculous restocking fees plus, I will pay for the shipping in both directions. I am able to do this because I stand behind what I sell and my goal is to make you a satisfied customer. 




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