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6/4 CC Thunderbird

6/4 CC Thunderbird by MACK Brass is only $8495.00 in silver only.

Here is one of the most exciting new additions to the tuba world. We are proud to release the final production of the new HAND MADE 6/4 CC ZO Thunderbird. There is no mistake that this resembles the Famous Chicago York played by Arnold Jacobs and in the past there have been 2 direct copies of that tuba, the first was by Master Walter Nirschl and the other was by Yamaha, it is no mistake that ZO Thunderbird resembles those two tubas.

As to the craftsmanship, the ZO company produces a level of quality seen on the much higher priced European instruments made today but at a fraction of the cost. The 6/4 tubas I have personally owned have included the Baer, 2165, Eastman, and have extensively played the HP50, Nirschl and BMB tubas, this new 6/4 brings out the best qualities of all packaged into one great tuba.

Low register: The low range on this model is extremely responsive and really takes everthing you can put into it without the extra back pressure experienced on other 6/4 tubas. Most 6/4 tubas of the past and even some made today really lack the pop or zip needed in this area due to smaller valves and bore sizes as well as poorly executed designs.

Intonation: The intonation on this is nothing you will have to worry about as there are no alternate fingerings or major lip gymnastics needed to play in tune. I pull a little for the 1st valve tuning slide and a little for the 4th depending on what I am doing.  Now I say this while keeping one thing in mind, if you don't have developed ears, there is no tuba you will be able to play in tune, you will be at most in the ball park.

Flexibility and Responsiveness: As large a horn this is, it feels and responds like a 4/4 but with a much larger and broader sound. I would have no problem playing this in smaller ensembles or doing solo work, although I may get some odd looks. I wish I had this tuba when I played From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific at the Army Tuba Euph conference back in the 90's where I played it on a MW2165.

Fit and Finish: Out of the box most tubas need pretty extensive slide lapping or fitting depending on your level, not this horn. Out of the box you may want to have your 1st slide to move like butter but then again, its almost there from the factory. The silver finish and buffing prior to it is about as good ad the most expensive instruments on the market today.

New Improved Logo in collaboration the ZO

The new finger buttons will be made of a solid lightweight brass without the pearl insert and will be some of the lightest in the industry, pictures to follow.

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