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MACK-TU210L 4/4 BBb Tuba

TU210L Lacquer  $1895.00                                                                              
TU210S Silver $2195.00                                                                  

Demo Video for the MACK-210L

This is a professional full sized BBb tuba modeled after a world-class manufacturer in Switzerland. Solid full size horn with an amazing sound and intonation. All tuning slides are nickel inner and outer tubes with a gold brass lead-pipe. Some other dealers call this a 3/4 sized tuba, but this is anything but that as it is actually a very large 4/4. If you want a tuba that can light up the back of a large ensemble, then this is the horn for you as the throat of the bell is huge and measures 17.75" with a large valve bore of .775". I have not been able to make a demo of this horn because it has always sold out but now that they are in stock a demo will be coming soon.

Bore:19.5mm/ .775”
Bell:450mm / 17.75”
Height:903.5mm/ 35.5 “
Tuning slides are nickel (outer&inner)
Leadpipe is gold brass
Case and mouthpiece are included. 


Lacquer MACK-TU210L        $1895.00

Silver MACK-TU210S            $2195.00


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